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Audio Editing & Duplication

Audio editing is yet another service we offer at MW Graphic Designs. We can edit your mp3s, CDs, and more and give you complete web ready files. We can also duplicate your music onto CDs, and we offer complete CD/DVD packaging ready for retail sale. Be sure to visit our CD/DVD Packaging page to get the full details.

We can take your music and enhance it by adjusting the equlization (eq) levels for a cleaner, more balanced sound (depending on the original recording quality). Need a promotional CD for venues, festival buyers, and more?, we've got you covered! We can produce a sample CD of your music, usually 30-60 seconds of each song, smoothly fade them in and out, duplicate it to your choice of media and you will be ready to go get the work with a very professional product, showing a complete cross reference of your work.

Give us a call today at: 770-231-8011 and tell us your needs and we'll get busy!

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